Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Priority 5.? Enhance the strength, vibrancy, diversity and inclusivity of the Bishop’s community.

In July 2020, Bishop’s University created a Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

The Task Force will identify any structural or systemic barriers, injustices or biases at the University and to make recommendations about actions to dismantle these barriers and advance equity, diversity and inclusion at Bishop’s.

The Task Force’s mandate is to make recommendations in the following areas:

  1. Hiring, promotion and retention objectives and practices for faculty, research chairs, staff, librarians and management
  2. Training for faculty, research chairs, librarians, staff, managers, students and governors
  3. Governance
  4. The academic curriculum including research programs and activities
  5. The University’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

The Task Force is also charged with making recommendations as to what data should be collected, how it should be collected and communicated and what metrics should be used to measure the University’s progress.

The Task Force is composed of:

Two members of the Board of Governors named by the Board

Abel Bosum, Grand Chief, The Grand Council of the Crees

Abel Bosum, Grand Chief, The Grand Council of the Crees

Tova White

Tova White ’92, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Giant Tiger



Two faculty members of Senate named by Senate

Darren Bardati

Darren Bardati, Full Professor, Environment and Geography

Dr. David Webster

David Webster, Associate Professor, History and Global Studies



Five students representing the:

Caribbean African Student Association

Sarah Maria Onyango

Sarah Maria Onyango, 3rd year Education student

BU Pride Alliance

Genève Juneau

Genève Juneau, 3rd year Psychology student

Indigenous Cultural Alliance

Nikki Baribeau

Nikki Baribeau, 4th year Education student

Students’ Representative Council (SRC), at least one of whom is a member of a racialized minority group

Sabrina Kone

Sabrina Kone, 5th year Business Administration student

Sufia Langevin

Sufia Langevin, 2nd year student in Education and Social Studies


Two members of the Bishop’s Council named by the Council

Junior Sirivar

Junior Sirivar ’99, Partner and Co-Chair International Arbitration, McCarthy Tétrault

Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson, Retired Campus Minister



One faculty member or librarian named by Faculty Council

Jenn Cianca

Jenn Cianca ’01, Associate Professor, Classical Studies


One manager named by the Managers’ Council

Theresa Gagnon

Theresa Gagnon, Manager, Counselling, Career and Student Accessibility


One member named by the Association of Professors of Bishop’s University (APBU)

Layachi Bentabet

Layachi Bentabet, Full Professor, Computer Science


Two members of the Administration named by the Executive Committee

Nick Andrews

Nick Andrews, Associate Vice-Principal Human Resources

Stine Linden-Andersen

Stine Linden-Andersen, Dean of Student Affairs



One member of the staff named by the Staff Council

Monika Mitchell

Monika Mitchell, Administrative Assistant, Building and Grounds


The Principal

Michael Goldbloom

Michael Goldbloom, Principal and Vice-Chancellor


The Committee may name up to two members

Chérif Nicolas

Chérif Nicolas, Head Coach, Football

Heather Lawford

Heather Lawford, Full Professor, Psychology and Canada Research Chair



The Principal may name one member

Yolande James

Yolande James, Chair, Bishop’s Council


The Task Force is supported by: Ma?li émond, HR Advisor and Denise Lauzière, Chief of Staff.

The Task Force will make a preliminary report to the Board and Senate on or before November 30, 2020. It may propose that its mandate be extended or that other structures be established in order to ensure that meaningful progress is made and monitored.

The striking of this Task Force does not preclude actions being taken to advance equity, diversity and inclusion while the Task Force is pursuing its work.

The Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion held its first meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.